Upcoming Events



The Basics of OPT & CPT
Monday, March 13 | 1 pm – 2 pm
Are you interested in gaining valuable work experience in the US after you graduate? As an F-1 international student, you may be eligible to apply for Curricular Practical Training while on an internship, or Optional Practical Training (OPT), post-graduation temporary work authorization. This workshop will cover topics such as: eligibility, when to apply, what to include in your application, how to fill out the government forms, and more!

Visa Options with Mark Rhoads, Immigration Attorney
Tuesday, March 14 | 12 pm – 1 pm
Hear from Mark Rhoads, an experienced immigration lawyer, on what types of visas and options exist. How does the H1B visa program work from the employer’s perspective? What other visa options might a student pursue on their own? This event is also a great opportunity to connect with a local immigration lawyer. Free lunch provided!

The International Student’s Guide to Finding a Job in the US
Wednesday, March 22 | 1 pm – 2:30 pm
Dan Beaudry offers international students a formula for a successful job search. He has presented at universities across the country including Harvard, MIT, Georgia Tech and more! Hear from Dan, author of “Power Ties: The International Student’s Guide to Finding a Job in the US”, as he discusses how to create a strategic job search process that can lead to successful employment. What should you do? What shouldn’t you do? Get these answers and more! The first 50 students in attendance will receive a free copy of Dan’s book! Free lunch provided!

Tips for Your Government Internship Search
Thursday, March 23 | 4 pm
Interested in working for the Federal Government? Despite the current federal hiring freeze, internships are still available in many government agencies. If you'd like to learn how to find these opportunities and how to create a successful application, come to this info session. Bring your laptop to create your USAJOBS profile and job search agents. 

Life as a Ph.D. Googler
Friday, March 24 | 10 am – 11 am
Come learn about what it is like to be a PhD at Google, Google’s approach to research, publishing with Google and how research happens.

Google Coding Workshop
Friday, March 24 | 12 pm – 1pm
Learn more about what skills to focus on during your first four years at college, how to take your skills to the industry, the roles Google hires for and some tips on how to prepare for interviews.

Google Resume Workshop
Friday, March 24 | 2 pm – 3 pm
Learn resume preparation tips and tricks to help you prepare for your future technical career from a real Googler and VCU School of Engineering alum!

Technical Interview Workshop
Tuesday, March 28 | 12pm
Calling all computer scientists and students who are interested in pursuing a career in coding! Did you realize that you will likely have to participate in a technical interview to show your understanding of software development and logical thinking skills before landing your job or internship? These interviews can take many different forms ranging from coding on a white board to verbally answering logic puzzles.

L.I.F.E Lecture - Joan Horenstein
Wednesday, March 29 | 11:45 am – 1 pm
Joan Horenstein serves a Managing Director for Accenture Federal Services. After 28 years serving Accenture in a variety of roles, Joan has the real world experience to provide valuable advice to current engineering students preparing to enter the workforce. Come out to hear more about how she leveraged her engineering degree from UVA to eventually serve on the leadership team of one of the largest consulting agencies in the US.

Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Coffee Hour
Thursday, March 30 | 9:00 – 10:00 am
Are you looking for an internship or a full-time entry level position? The Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond will be sponsoring a morning coffee hour on Thursday, March 30 and they want to connect with you! The Federal Reserve is the nation’s central bank and during this coffee hour, you will have the opportunity to learn about how their employees support America’s economy and diverse communities.

Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Info Session
Thursday, March 30 | 12:00 – 1:00 pm
Come learn more about the open internship and full-time positions available at the Richmond Federal Reserve on Thursday, March 30 – free pizza will be provided! This event is designed to familiarize you with the Federal Reserve, the role it plays in our nation's economy, and what makes the Fed an employer of choice.

Site Visit: Fareva
Friday, March 31 | 10:30 am – 2:00 pm
Take a trip to visit Fareva on Friday, March 31. During this site visit, you will have the opportunity to see how engineers at Fareva work on a daily basis, tour labs, and also learn about the open full-time engineering positions available with the organization. Fareva is one of the world’s leading subcontractors in the industrial and household, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals fields. Attend the site visit to learn more! Registration is required and space is limited.

GhostRed VCU
Tuesday, April 4 | 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
The GhostRed Capture the Flag (CTF) is your opportunity to rise above the masses as you showcase your technical skills across security, software, and systems administration. This in-person, team-based, technology competition provides a window into GE Digital through simulation style challenge sets. Hack, crack, and engineer your way to the top of the leaderboard, and realize your true potential.

Campus Recruitment Day at the Federal Reserve - Washington, DC
Friday, April 7 | 9:00 am – 2:00 pm
Are you curious about what’s it like to work for the nation’s central bank? Are you looking for an internship or a full-time entry level position? Are you interested in meeting senior leaders? The Federal Reserve invites you to spend the day with them at the Federal Reserve System Headquarters in Washington, DC to learn about how their employees support America’s economy and diverse communities.

L.I.F.E Lecture - Jeff Mathis
Tuesday, April 11 | 11:45 am – 1 pm
Jeff Mathis is a licensed professional engineer and manager for Westrock’s Hopewell, VA paper mill. Come learn how Jeff started his career as an engineering co-op student and now manages over 20 employees to keep all of the mill’s electrical and instrumentation systems up and running. Come out to learn more about Jeff's story and his real world experience as an engineer!