Student Services

Undergraduate Student Services

Our mission is to be an invaluable resource to students and faculty by providing a supportive environment and engaging in activities that foster student success.

Some of our main initiatives are:

  • Providing one-on-one advising to all engineering freshmen

  • Managing the pre-engineering student enrichment program, including mentorship activities, tutoring, networking, time-management training, etc.

  • Coordinating the School of Engineering tutoring center

  • Assisting students in administrative tasks such as change of major, ARAC appeals process, financial aid issues, etc.

  • Organizing and hosting events, including summer orientation, new student welcome cookout, December diploma ceremony, spring orientation and May diploma ceremony


We are here to help you achieve your educational and personal goals. Please email us any questions or comments you may have so that we may better serve you.

Undergraduate Student Services Contacts

Graduate Student Services

As a graduate student in the VCU School of Engineering, you will become part of the new frontier in engineering through the discovery and acquisition of new knowledge. As a student in our graduate programs, you will be challenged to new levels of independence, initiative, resourcefulness and collaboration. The VCU School of Engineering has state-of-the-art facilities and faculty members with international reputations. These assets translate into amazing research opportunities for emerging scholars and superior preparation for the next generation of research, industry and higher education leaders.

Graduate Student Services Contacts

Survival kit

The following list is just a few of the “survival” services available to you as a student at the VCU School of Engineering. This kit will help you get started and will be beneficial to you throughout your years here.

Changing your major

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