Women in Engineering

In 2013, 32.1% of all doctoral degrees from the VCU School of Engineering were awarded to women.

The VCU College of Engineering is all about making breakthroughs real. We’re doing that in our commitment to diversity, too, especially when it comes to women in engineering. In a field where women have been traditionally underrepresented, our school has established itself as a top producer of female engineers. In 2014, the American Society for Engineering Education ranked the VCU School of Engineering as the nation's No. 9 engineering school or university based on the percentage of doctoral degrees awarded to women.

The encouragement of women in engineering starts with our leadership. In 2013, Barbara D. Boyan, Ph.D., was named dean of the school and in 2015, Afroditi V. Filippas, Ph.D., was named Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies. Student initiatives such as the Perry Outreach Program and Vertically Integrated Networks for Engineers, which connects women in the same engineering discipline across multiple years of study, are building the pipeline for the next generation of women leaders in the field.

“VCU is about breaking barriers and leading the field in diversity,” says Boyan. “If you were a young woman in my office I would say to you ‘the sky is the limit, get moving, come to VCU, become an engineer.’ As a woman dean, I look forward to the day when our female population is 50 percent, and I am confident that we are on our way to making that dream a reality.” Watch the video below to Meet the VCU Women in Engineering.