Engineering in Vision is a videoconferencing series that connects 4th-12th grade classrooms with VCU Engineers in their labs. This allows students experience many aspects of engineering over multiple sessions - developing a broad understanding of opportunities that exist. With videoconferencing, VCU Engineering can reach more students without them having to come on campus. This program is making engineering real in the classroom.

If you are a 4th-12th grade teacher and would like to sign up your class for Engineering in Vision, please do so using the links below. If you are a student or parent, please share this page with your 4th-12th grade teacher.

Engineering in Vision has concluded for the 2021-2022 academic year. Thank you all for an amazing year! Please check back again this fall for an updated schedule.

For more information about specific Engineering in Vision sessions, please visit our Early Engineers resource site for past presenters.