Tech Talent Internship Pipeline – TTIP Grant

VCU Engineering Career Services received grant funding to increase the number of tech internships for computer science and computer engineering students in Virginia. Therefore, we are excited to announce that this summer, Engineering Career Services can subsidize a limited number of tech internships for VCU Engineering students through the Tech Talent Internship Pipeline (TTIP). These internships include a focus on data mining, cybersecurity, software development, machine learning, etc. 

The grant provides 50% of the hourly rate for the student, and the employer provides the other 50%. The suggested rate of pay is $20, with the grant paying $10 and the employer paying $10. Internships are for the Summer of 2022 and can be in person or remote, with a preferred length of 12 weeks or 480 hours. 

To participate in the program, employers must be approved by VCU and will be required to sign an agreement. Employers are expected to provide training and oversight as needed to student interns, and encourage a truly professional work experience. 

Want to hear more? Please contact Rebecca Kurihine, Employer Relations, at

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