23% higher salaries to students with internship or co-ops, 64% of employers only hire candidates with experience, over half of internship or co-op students get full-time job offers

Check the status of your Internship or Co-op Experience approval

1. Select Career Center in the top navigation and choose Experiences from the drop down menu.

2. This will direct you to a list of your Experiences. Select View Details to see more information.

3. Once you’ve navigated to a particular Experience, you can click View Details to understand your status. Scroll down to Approvers to see where the experience is in the approval process.

4. Here you can see the name, title, contact, and status for each of the approvers that are connected to your experience.


For any additional questions, please reach out to the College of Engineering Career Services office at 804-828-8548 or email at EngrCareers@vcu.edu