How to Report an Internship or Co-op Experience

An “Experience” in Handshake is the way to submit an internship or co-op for approval. Once you submit an experience you can manage it through Handshake and track the progress of the approval process.

1. Click Career Center in the top menu bar

2. Click Request an Experience

3. Choose the Experience Type that matches your engineering major.

BME = Biomedical Engineering
CLSE = Chemical & Life Science Engineering
CS = Computer Science
EE = Electrical Engineering
CE = Computer Engineering
ME = Mechanical Engineering
MNE = Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering

4. Enter the details about your Employer and the Job

5.  Answer the General questions, including your direct supervisor’s name and email. If you do not have that information yet, please submit the name and email of the Human Resources contact at the company.

6.  Select Request Experience in the bottom right corner to complete the Experience report. You will then see that the Experience has been successfully created and is pending approval.