Probing spaceflight conditions to help solve age-related musculoskeletal decline

Michael Friedman, Ph.D., a postdoctoral researcher in VCU’s Department of Biomedical Engineering, is conducting experiments to discover genetic factors that may determine how bone and muscle tissues deteriorate in the low-gravity conditions of spaceflight.

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VCU Commercialization Fund awards support to four VCU Engineering innovators

VCU Engineering leads the university in the latest round of VCU Commercialization Fund awards, receiving four of the six awards given

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HealthHacks results

At the sixth annual HealthHacks, innovators reimagine the medical education field.

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Catching up with VCU Engineering’s first graduates: The Class of 2000

In these two interviews, class of 2000 alumni Mia Sanchez de Lozada, D.D.S., and Robbie Staples, PE, reflect on the earliest years of VCU Engineering

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Alumni Profiles: Isaac Rodriguez, Ph.D. (M.S.’10; Ph.D.’13)

VCU Engineering’s pioneering work in tissue engineering drew Isaac Rodriguez, Ph.D., to the college for his master’s and Ph.D. He has developed a product that leverages Manuka honey to promote wound healing and, in 2015, co-founded the medical device company SweetBio. We recently caught up with him for a chat.

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Navigating the nanoscale

For more than a decade, VCU’s Nanomaterials Core Characterization Facility has been helping researchers navigate the nanoscale, a world that is almost indescribably small.   

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VCU Engineering faculty members receive Presidential Research Quest Fund grants

Three Virginia Commonwealth University College of Engineering faculty members have received 2021 grants through the VCU Presidential Research Quest Fund (PeRQ).

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VCU multidisciplinary researchers seek to improve early detection of aortic diseases

In a collaboration between VCU’s College of Engineering and School of Medicine, researchers are testing novel imaging methods to assess a patient’s risk of life-threatening dissection of the aorta.

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Researcher’s $2.1M grant renewal will further our understanding of how diseases develop

A Virginia Commonwealth University engineering professor has received a $2,093,541 grant renewal from the National Institutes of Health for his research into how mechanical forces regulate cellular processes, which is key to understanding the development and progression of disease.

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VCU Engineering faculty members receive VCU Community-engaged Research Grants

Two faculty members in VCU’s College of Engineering have received Community-engaged Research (CEnR) grants for 2021.

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