Fall 2019 nanoMedicine Symposium on Engineered Health

The VCU College of Engineering, Department of Biomedical Engineering and Institute for Engineering and Medicine will host the Third Annual Virginia nanoMedicineSymposium on November 21–22, 2019. The symposium will be located at:

James Branch Cabell Library
Room 303
901 Park Avenue
Richmond, VA 23284
Library floor map

The symposium is an ongoing collaboration between Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Virginia and Virginia Tech.

Keynote Speaker

Leaf Huang

Dr. Leaf Huang is a Fred Eshelman Distinguished Professor in the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy. Dr Huang is also a professor in the Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University.


Session Titles

  • Nano-Interface of Biomaterials
  • Nano-Enabled Drug Delivery
  • Nano-Enabled Imaging
  • Tumor Micro-environment
  • Nano-Enabled Regenerative Medicine

Symposium Agenda


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