Eye and Head Tracking Labs

This lab contains instrumentation, computers and software used to objectively measure a variety of eye and head movements including basic horizontal and vertical eye movement, the measurement of head and limb position, the coordination between eye and head movement, and pupillary and accommodative response dynamics.

The lab supports the development of human machine interfaces using eye and head position-based measurement and control. The lab is involved with visual task analysis, data acquisition, signal processing and algorithm development, effect of diseases and disabilities on eye, and head and limb control.

Students are exposed and trained on objective measurements of human performance, techniques of visual task analysis, and the acquisition and analysis of data. The lab supports development of several data acquisition systems involving both analog and digital signals, analog and digital signal processing, and data collection and analysis. Students learn how to acquire signals, control display stimuli, run experiments, collect and examine data, and summarize results.

Current research efforts

  • Human machine interface systems
  • Head and eye movement control and coordination
  • Analysis of eye, head and limb movement in Parkinson patients
  • Effect of deep brain stimulation on eye, head and limb movement
  • Analysis and modeling of visual search

Computer software

  • MatLab Release 12 with Simulink
  • Microsoft Visual Basic
  • C/C++ Microsoft Compiler
  • Microsoft Visual Studio program developer
  • Specialized eye and head-movement analysis software (developed in C/C++)
  • Specialized data acquisition and control software (developed in C/C++)
  • Specialized experimental software (developed in C/C++)
  • MGI video editing/compression software
  • Web browsers
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Windows/Linux and DOS operating systems (selected through Partition Magic)

System demonstration

Typical eye-tracking system using head mount

Use of eye-tracking for evaluation of pilots

Eye-tracking system features

Anatomy of the human eye