Protein and Cellular Engineering Lab

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Principal investigator:

Michael H. Peters, Ph.D.
Phone: (804) 828-7790
Fax: (804) 828-3846
Lab: Room 408

Our research falls into three main areas:

A. Protein Engineering- the molecular design and development of peptides and proteins for the creation of biomarkers, biosensors, drugs, biomaterials, and other bioengineering devices and components.
B. Cellular Engineering- the purposeful manipulation of cells to accomplish tasks outside of their normal function. The manipulations can be internal to the cell (intracellular modifications), such as genetic engineering, or external to the cell (extracellular), such as artifically directed differentiation.
C. Statistical Mechanics- statistical mechanics is the merger of classical or quantum mechanics with statistics and averaging methods. The central theme of statistical mechanics is the concept of an ensemble of similar systems all subject to the same constraints. When we observe every day phenomena what we sense is usually an average over space or time. The "statistics" part of statistical mechanics tells us how to properly perform this average in order to predict measured quantities