Capstone Spotlight CS 303 - Honey Bee Language Dance Translator

The app includes a script to help users remotely operate a webcam to video record the hive. It also has a video processing component that tracks and clusters honey bee dances captured on video.


Two VCU Engineering alums and one student researcher receive NSF Graduate Research Fellowships

Two VCU Engineering alums, and one three-year undergraduate member of a VCU Engineering lab, have received recognition in the highly prestigious National Science Foundation’s (NSF’s) Graduate Research Fellowship Program. The program recognizes outstanding students pursuing research-based graduate degrees in the U.S. in disciplines supported by the NSF.

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Class of 2021: Computer science student Max Safo immerses himself in technical topics

Max Safo used computers from a young age and always liked cars, so he initially thought he would study mechanical engineering in college, but he ended up veering away from that field because he was apprehensive about the math requirements.


Cody Woodson: Tireless mentor, steadfast friend, celebrated TA

Scores of students who made it through Computer Systems (CMSC 257), a challenging computer science course that is almost a rite-of-passage among VCU Engineering undergraduates, have him to thank.

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Class of 2021: Alex Trainham excels inside and outside the classroom

Before coming to Virginia Commonwealth University, Alex Trainham hadn’t really programmed before. In high school in Fredericksburg, Virginia, he was into computers and loved audio engineering — experimenting with beats, synthesizers and other music production tools — but it wasn’t until his mom mentioned a friend who codes that he began considering programming as a possible career.


Robot coding for everyone

From the Jetson’s maid, Rosie, to Star Wars’ R2-D2, images of robots are everywhere. But relatively few people have much direct interaction with robots. There are good reasons why.

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Computer science professor develops new methods to protect wind and solar power grids from cyber attacks

Renewable power sources have potential to reduce energy costs and carbon footprint, but the massive size of wind and solar power grids presents its own set of cybersecurity challenges.

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Computer science professor to receive elite biomedical engineering honor

Cang Ye, Ph.D., has been selected for induction as a fellow of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE), an elite group that comprises the top two percent of medical and biological engineers nationally.

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College of Engineering at VCU offers new Ph.D. in computer science

VCU Engineering will offer a new doctoral program in computer science. This program reflects the Department of Computer Science’s robust growth in research funding and scholarship. It follows new doctoral programs in pharmaceutical engineering (a joint program with the School of Pharmacy) and chemical and life science engineering.

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