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Forms & Resources



  • Please refer to the VCU Records and Registration site for appropriate forms (Application for Virginia In-state Tuition, New Student Data Form, Certification of Eligibility, and Official Transcript Request Form)

Nondegree-seeking Student Application

Use the Nondegree-seeking Student Application if you do not yet want to formally apply to the M.S. program. This form is required prior to registering for your first VCU class in order to get you into the student database.

Program of Studies form

The Program of Studies is used to plan your classes for your degree.


  1. When filling out the form, list your adviser as “Graduate Director.”
  2. The date admitted is the semester and year of admission given in your notification letter of full or provisional admission to the program.
  3. Put an “X” on the line selecting the thesis or non-thesis option depending on which you think you will do – you can change at any time.
  4. For courses you plan to take, you can enter “tbd” (to be determined) or enter a semester and year from the “past and projected course offerings list.” We make every attempt to offer the planned courses, but some course substitution may be necessary.

Graduate Course Transfer Request form

Use the Graduate Course Transfer Request form to request transfer credit for a course that you have taken before admission to the program or to approve a course that you wish to take from another university or VCU program. Only six credits taken from VCU or elsewhere can be transferred before your admission to the program. Because VCU participates in the Commonwealth Graduate Engineering Program, you may transfer up to 15 graduate credits from other CGEP schools, or up to nine credits from non-CGEP schools. However, once admitted, approval to take courses elsewhere that duplicate courses that VCU offers will not routinely be granted.

Research Proposal form

The Research Proposal form is required for advance approval of either an independent study project or directed research for the master’s thesis. You must first find a faculty member willing to supervise the research.