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Been accepted? Congratulations! Read on for instructions on how to register for classes at VCU.

You will need your “V-number” that was included in your acceptance letter. This is a number in the form Vxxxxxxxx. You were also assigned a VCU email address upon admission. Please check this address frequently as all official VCU correspondence will be sent to this email address.

You will need to obtain a VCU eID to register for classes and to access your VCU records and other resources such as online library materials. Visit VCU Technology Services to obtain your eID and create a strong password.

You should register for classes as soon as online registration is available for graduate students. This assures you the best chance of getting the classes you want. You can view the Schedule of Classes and final exam schedule at the VCU Enrollment Services website.

Registration instructions

  1. Obtain the necessary approval from your manager to take the class(es). NSWCDD employee are required to follow standard academic approval procedures announced prior to each semester.
  2. Follow the online registration instructions at
  3. Special sections of courses have been set up for students at Dahlgren. Most are labeled C90 or C01, but multiple sections of the same course (i.e. Special Topics) may be numbered C91, C92, C02, etc. Make sure that you only register for sections labeled Cxx.
  4. The add/drop date ends after the first week of class. You are responsible for dropping the course online by that date if you decide not to take the class. After the add/drop period, the class will be billed according to VCU policy.
  5. If you have any questions about a class, please do not hesitate to contact the instructor.