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Your faculty mentor will play a critical role in making your undergraduate experience go smoothly. As an undergraduate student majoring in computer science, you must consult with your mentor each semester. You will not be allowed to register until this consultation has taken place, so it is critical that you seek out your mentor well before the time of registration.

Your faculty mentor will help you develop and achieve your educational goals by assisting you with:

  • Understanding your major and general education requirements as outlined on your graduation worksheet
  • Scheduling courses each semester
  • Recommending course sequences within your major and informing you when courses are offered
  • Researching internship and undergraduate research opportunities
  • Identifying career and professional opportunities within your major
  • Referring you to campus resources that may benefit you
  • Interpreting academic policies and regulations
  • Verifying your eligibility for graduation

The Department of Computer Science provides each computer science student with information about his/her faculty mentor. Please see the list below to determine your faculty mentor. 

For any further questions about mentors, please contact Debra Duke, M.S., the undergraduate director, at s2dmduke@vcu.edu.

Faculty MentorOffice #Students by Last Name
Dr. Preetam Ghosh E4248 A
Dr. Alberton Cano E4251

B - C

Dr. Thang Dinh E4224 D - E
Dr. Milos Manic E2254 F - G
Dr. Carol Fung E4234 H - I
Dr. Bartosz Krawczyk E4238 J - K
Dr. Kostadin Damevski E4253 L
Dr. Sevag Gharibian E4240 M - N
Dr. Wei Cheng E2252 O - P
Dr. Eyuphan Bulut E4246 Q - R
Dr. Vojislav Kecman E4250 S
Dr. Bridget McInnes E4255 T
Dr. Cang Ye E2240 U - V
Dr. Tamer Nadeem E2236 W - X
Dr. Hong-Sheng Zhou E4242 Y - Z