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Student Mentors

The CS Mentorship Program is designed to match freshmen and transfer students to Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors computer science students who have been with the CS department for at least a year. The goal is to help the incoming students adjust to our VCU community, to provide academic and professional guidance, and to make them aware of the plethora of opportunities available here at VCU & beyond. All the mentors and mentees meet together once a month to go over various topics such as Career Development (Research, Internships), Opportunities at VCU & beyond (Hackathons, VIP), and Registering for Classes (CS and non-CS).

Mentors for Fall 2017:

  • Angelo Hicks
  • Bansri Rawal
  • Chase Greco
  • Christine Lee
  • Derek Pham
  • Faith Butler
  • Foram Shah
  • Jeet Gajjar
  • Jonathon Headley
  • Micah Parks
  • Mit Amin
  • Moriah Hammond
  • Quark Wei
  • Srijan Karan
  • Vishakha Sehgal

Mentees for Fall 2017:

  • Tran Baochau
  • Amy Brick
  • Darren Chan
  • Haben Cheffena
  • Harrison Cook
  • Andrea Culotta
  • Rachel Dorn
  • Alice Du
  • Deniz Erdag
  • Jerusalem Fisseha
  • Tim Gilmore
  • Kyle Gorham
  • Haize Heyrana
  • Andy Huynh
  • Tuhinur Jaman
  • Kavir Khera
  • Sabrina Kundu
  • Tyler McNeer
  • Andriy Mulyar
  • Jeremy Nguyen
  • Yadunandan Pillai
  • Trisha Quiroga Sanchez
  • Tanya Ravi
  • Shreya Shevde
  • Andrew Talbot
  • Timmy Tran
  • Lucas Zullo