KECMAN Lab: Learning Algorithms and Applications

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Vojislav Kecman, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Computer Science
Phone: (804) 827-3608


Engineering East Hall, Room E2265
401 W Main St
Richmond, VA 23284

The Learning Algorithms and Applications Lab, helmed by Vojislav Kecman, Ph.D., develops algorithms and methods for ultra-large-scale data sets for application in bioinformatics, medicine, engineering, science, e-commerce and Web mining.

Major research areas

  • Learning algorithms for ultra-large data sets — on clouds, clusters, GPUs, grids, etc.

  • Parallelization of machine learning algorithms

  • Locally linear support vector machines and other local models for highly nonlinear dependencies

  • Transformation of regression problems into multiclass classification tasks and corresponding algorithms developments

  • Semi-supervised algorithms and software

  • Applications of all the mentioned algorithms everywhere where the data sets are available

  • Fighting AIDS — HIV infection models development

  • Biology systems modeling