MANIC Lab: Modern Heuristics Research

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Milos Manic, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Computer Science
Phone: (804) 827-3999


Engineering East Hall, Room E2262
401 W Main St
Richmond, VA 23284

The Modern Heuristics Research Lab, led by Milos Manic, Ph.D., focuses on the theoretical and applied research in Computational Intelligence (CI) algorithms, such as Artificial Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic Systems and Unsupervised Learning techniques.

Major research areas

  • Energy and cyber security of nationwide critical infrastructures

  • National vehicle fuel efficiency and building energy management systems

  • Advanced immersive visualization and 3D visual data mining

  • Big data mining and visualization for energy efficiency

  • Type-2 fuzzy logic systems and their applications

  • CI and natural language processing in cyber security and intelligent control systems

  • CI applications in robotics, haptics, and brain-computer interfacing

  • Next generation networking (Software Defined Networks) and GENI (Global Environment for Network Innovations)

Please check our currently funded research, as well as the list of recent journal publications, and available grad student positions.