Researcher to build fuel database to improve nuclear reactor sustainability

Braden Goddard, Ph.D., assistant professor in the Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering, has received a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Nuclear Energy University Program (NEUP) to create a database for use in nuclear material control of pebble bed reactors (PBR).

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Building Ferrari with LEGO

Senior mechanical engineering student Noah Armistead is on a mission to build an exact replica of the 8-cylinder engine found in a Ferrari 158. The only difference? His is made entirely of LEGOs.


Phantoms on the Brain: VCU startup creates devices for treating neuro disorders

VCU Innovation Gateway helped Dr. Ravi Hadimani and researchers of his Biomagnetics Laboratory secure a patent for their anatomically accurate human “brain phantoms.”

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Physical models of a patient’s brain help researchers treat neurological disorders and diseases

Ravi Hadimani, Ph.D., associate professor of mechanical and nuclear engineering, leads a team of researchers who seek to use TMS to excite or inhibit brain neurons to alter specific brain functions and treat these conditions.

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Undergraduates apply knowledge to real-world questions during VCU Engineering summer research program

This summer, several students took part in VCU Engineering’s National Science Foundation (NSF)-funded Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) curriculum.

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Researchers explore alternate delivery method for potential Alzheimer’s treatment

Researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University’s College of Engineering and School of Pharmacy are working toward a proof of concept for a nose-to-brain delivery system of insulin to treat Alzheimer’s patients.

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Student wins award for nuclear reactor safety research

Caleb King, a third-year student in the College of Engineering, is studying accident tolerant fuels as part of research to help contain or stop a full nuclear reactor meltdown.

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Nuclear Engineering at Virginia Commonwealth University

Nuclear engineering at the Virginia Commonwealth University College of Engineering is a landmark program for the state, region and nation.


Research office creates new institutes, centers to enrich VCU innovation, scholarship and creativity

As Virginia Commonwealth University rises to meet societal challenges, new research centers selected for their transdisciplinary nature are expanding a campus environment rich in research, scholarship and creativity.

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Faculty members receive promotions and tenure 2022

Please join us in congratulating faculty members who have received academic promotions and/or tenure.

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