DERI Class of 2015-16

  • Student: Marisa Bausone | Project: Soft Microneedle Skin Patch
  • Student: Minna Blottner | Project: GPU Acceleration for AEROSOL Simulation
  • Student: Weston Craig | Project: Mechanical Device for Mitigating Radiotherapy Intra-Fraction Motion
  • Student: Regan Ellis | Project: Characterization of Osteoporotic Cells on Titanium Implants
  • Student: Gabrielle Jones | Project: Entity Extraction in Nanomedicine
  • Student: Jai Raman | Project: An Experimental Survey Design to Evaluate a Smartphone Security System
  • Student: George Vithoulkas | Project: Decellularized Lung Extracellular Matrix Electrospun with Poly-L-Lactic Acid for Tissue Engineering of 3D Bronchioles

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