DERI Symposium

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Adeline Cullen Experiences in a Chemical and Life Science Engineering Lab Nastassja Lewinski, Ph.D. Shuyu Tian

Cullen Abstract

Cullen Poster

Amanda He  Investigating Effects of Viscoelasticity on Cellular Behavior  Christopher Lemmon, Ph.D.  Thomas Petet 

He Abstract

He Poster 

Amisha Gandhi Objectively Quantifying Subjective Levels of Embodiment Carrie Peterson, Ph.D. Christopher Lynch

Gandhi Abstract

Gandhi Poster

Bethany Costello Bismuth Oxide Nanocomposites for Radiation Shielding Jessika V. Rojas, Ph.D. VCU Engineering

Costello Abstract

Costello Poster

Gayatri Tyagi Effects of Linear Oscillating Magnetic Force on Droplet-Plate Interactions Hooman Tafreshi, Ph.D. Henry Jakob Holwegaer

Tyagi Abstract

Tyagi Poster

Jayla M Johnson  Understanding the Role of Macrophage-Derived Exosomes in Aiding Bone Growth  Rene Olivares-Navarrete, Ph.D.  Jefferson Abaricia 

Johnson Abstract

Johnson Poster

Jordan Jennings  Hydrothermal Synthesis of Zn-doped Mn Ferrite Nanoparticles using a DoE  Radhika Barua, Ph.D.  Dustin Clifford 

Jennings Abstract

Jennings Poster 

Justin Phillips Managing the message: Support me - I'm passionate, proven, and will be make you incredibly rich Carol Fung, Ph.D. Doug Miller

Phillips Poster

Manaswini Tadigadapa  Effect of Different Mass to Length Ratios (mm/mg) on the Mechanical Properties of
Polycaprolactone (PCL) Scaffolds 
Joao Soares, Ph.D.  Sarah Saunders 

Tadigadapa Abstract

Tadigadapa Poster 

Marina Kapitanov Investigating the Effects of Nanoroughened Surfaces on Bone Growth

D. Joshua Cohen, Ph.D., Zvi Schwartz, Ph.D., Barbara D. Boyan, Ph.D.

Michael B. Berger, Kyla B. Bosh

Kapitanov Abstract

Kapitanov Poster

Mark Carnes  Changes in Mu Rhythm Brain Activity Allow for Control of Computer Systems Using Thoughts Carrie Peterson, Ph.D.  Thibault Roumengous, Paul Howell  Carnes Abstract and Poster 
Mary Heinen The Effect of Oxidization on Surface Characteristics of ATFs Jessika Rojas, Ph.D. Rajnikant Umretiya

Heinen Abstract

Heinen Poster

Ramya Aluri  Designing a Solenoid Coil used for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Testing Ravi Hadimani, Ph.D.  Ivan Carmona 

Aluri Abstract

Aluri Poster 

Rebecca Hendricks  Role of NETosis in Neutrophil Response to Titanium Surface Modifications Rene Olivares-Navarrete, Ph.D.   Abaricia JO, Shah AH,  Hendricks Poster 
Shivram Ramkumar An Analysis of Twitter Users' Political Views using Cross-Account Data Mining  Carol Fung, Ph.D.  Alexander Sosnkowski

Ramkumar Abstract

Ramkumar Poster

Thomas "Finn" Rowley  Computational Estimation of Patient-Specific Stiffness of the Infrarenal Abdominal Aorta with Magnetic Resonance Imaging.  Joao Soares, Ph.D.   Johane Bracamonte 

Rowley Abstract

Rowley Poster 

Yusef Qazi  Analyzing Rotational Dynamics Utilizing an Inertial Measurement Unit and Implementing Statistical Algorithms to Provide Real-Time Data Output Tamer Nadeem, Ph.D.  Peter George 

Qazi Abstract

Qazi Poster