DERI Symposium

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StudentProject TitleAdvisorMentorLinks
Alex Scott Development of a microfluidic platform for studying coral toxicology  Nastassja Lewinksi, Ph.D. Noor Al-Mulla 

Scott Abstract

Scott Poster 

Alexander Demchenko Usable Privacy Policies for Home Networks  Carol Fung, Ph.D.  Carol Fung, Ph.D.  

Demchenko Abstract

Demchenko Poster

Anisha Ponugupati Investigating the cause of Mineralization with Age in Menisci  Jennifer Puetzer, Ph.D. Jennifer Puetzer, Ph.D.

Ponugupati Abstract

Ponugupati Poster 

Boden Kahn Easy programming for industrial machines (PLCs and Robots)  David Shepherd, Ph.D. Felipe Fronchetti 

Kahn Abstract

Kahn Poster 

Caroline Rucker 3D microphysiological model of cancer metastasis  Priscilla Hwang, Ph.D. Priscilla Hwang, Ph.D.

Rucker Abstract

Rucker Poster 

Chirayu Nimonkar  Non-Invasive Neuromodulation with Time Varying Magnetic Fields  Ravi Hadimani, Ph.D. Ravi Hadimani, Ph.D.

Nimonkar Abstract

Nimonkar Poster 

Christopher Juhasz  Python Coding to Add Capabilities to Heat Exchanger Sizing Toolkit for Clean Energy Systems  Lane Carasik, Ph.D. Lane Carasik, Ph.D.

Juhasz Abstract

Juhasz Poster 

Dennis Plotnikov  Using Natural Language Processing to identify chemical reactions in patents  Bridget McInnes, Ph.D. Bridget McInnes, Ph.D.

Plotnikov Abstract

Plotnikov Poster 

Ebunoluwa Akadiri  The effect of 17β-estradiol and estrogen receptor signaling in estrogen receptor negative laryngeal cancer cells   Barbara Boyan, Ph.D. Cydney Dennis 

Akadiri Abstract

Akadiri Poster 

Eleanor Sabalewski  Investigating the Paracrine Effect of Titanium Surfaces on Angiogenesis through Semaphorin 3C  Josh Cohen, Ph.D. Jingyao Deng 

Sabalewski Poster 

Emma Smith  Scalable continuous crystallization process with platform design  Mo Jiang, Ph.D. Mingyao Mou 

Smith Abstract

Smith Poster 

Gavin Telfer  Development of a novel active self-sterilized filter by using metal-organic frameworks (MOFs)  Wei-Ning Wang, Ph.D. Zan Zhu 

Telfer Abstract

Telfer Poster 

Helen Hall  Aerosol Processing of Hierarchical Porous MOFs-based Composites  Wei-Ning Wang, Ph.D. Jianping Chen 

Hall Abstract

Hall Poster 

J. Ryland Davis  Developing an arrow pushing mechanism for the total synthesis of nevirapine, an HIV drug  John Tomlin  Frank Gupton, Ph.D.

David Abstract

David Poster 

Jadon Bjurman-Birr  Code Beats project  David Shepherd, Ph.D. Douglas Krug  Bjurman-Birr Poster 
Joshua Alexander  Processing of medical magnetic resonance images of human cardiovascular tissues for anatomical modelling and mechanical process simulation  Joao Soares, Ph.D. Johane Bracamonte 

Alexander Abstract

Alexander Poster 

Katie Zhang  Usable Privacy Policies for Home Networks  Carol Fung, Ph.D. Carol Fung, Ph.D.

Zhang Abstract

Zhang Poster 

Stephen Durham  Measuring optical materials using variable angle ellipsometry  Nathaniel Kinsey, Ph.D. Nathaniel Kinsey, Ph.D.

Durham Abstract

Durham Poster 

Surya Shanmugaselvam  How to repoen our society: Assessment of non-pharmaceutical interventions against Covid-19 pandemic  Thang Dinh, Ph.D. Thang Dinh, Ph.D.

Shanmugaselvam Abstract

Shanmugaselvam Poster