How long does the program last?
DERI is a one year fellowship lasting from summer through spring. Fellows will work a total of 60 hours in the summer, then four hours each week during the school year. Students must be able to commute to VCU to work the 4 hours a week during the school year. Assistance is available for those who have financial difficulties with the commute.

Why should I pursue research through DERI?
DERI aims to broaden the high school student experience and provide opportunities for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to develop skills in mentoring at the VCU College of Engineering under the leadership of our faculty. Research through DERI is progressive and sustained. These challenging endeavors for budding researchers demand a sense of commitment, require considerable time and effort, spark critical thinking and creativity, provide learning opportunities outside the classroom, and promote teamwork skills, all transferable to many real world problems. The research and mentoring experiences gained through DERI will be transformative for faculty, graduate students, and you.

What are the requirements for eligibility?
This fellowship is open to rising high school seniors who will be at least 16 years old at the beginning of the program. Fellows will be selected based on their GPA (3.3 or higher), their resume, and their interest in research as evidenced by two letters of recommendation from high school math or science teachers and a personal statement.

Does DERI provide financial aid?
Fellows may apply for a travel stipend based on financial need.

How do I apply to be a fellow?
Please visit Apply Now to submit an application or download an application.