DURI 2014

Left to Right:
1st row: Shilpa Iyer; Zhao Lin; Jewel Nkwocha; Barbara Boyan; Alice Cheng; Lauren Griggs
2nd row: Afroditi Filippas; Roshni Malik; Xubin He; Aiza Humayun, Christopher Lemmon; Ping Huang, Kelly Hotchkiss; Gireesh Reddy
3rd row: Sindhu Marampudi; Allison Ramey; Nahain Siddique; Stephen Fong; Jiten Narang; Trae Fuller; Shirae Leslie; Rene Olivares-Navarrete
4th row: Eric Henderson; Yuichi Motai; Zachary Canfield; Adam Fisher; Lewis Scott; Aneesh Patel; Chenyu Wang; Benjamin Young; Nathaniel Kirby

DURI Scholars

Scholar: Roshni Malik (Left)

Mentor: Lauren Griggs (Right)

Lab: Christopher Lemmon

Project: Fibronectin Assembly Induces Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition in Mammary Epithelial Cells MCF10As via Transforming Growth Factor‐B Signaling

Scholar: Zachary Canfield (Right)

Mentor: Adam Fisher (Left)

Lab: Stephen Fong

Project: Ex ViVo Polymerase Chain Assembly

Scholar: Benjamin Young (Right)

Mentor: Ping Huang (Left)

Lab: Xubin He

Project: Investigation and Optimization of Hybrid Storage Caching Techniques for Large Dataset

Scholar: Gireesh Reddy (Left)

Mentor: Kelly Hotchkiss (Right)

Lab: Rene Olivares‐Navarrete

Project: The effect of physical and chemical surface characteristics in the response of neutrophils

Scholar: Sindhu Marampudi (Right)

Mentor: Jiten Narang (Left)

Lab: Christopher Lemmon

Project: The correlation between substrate stiffness and TGF‐β induced Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition in Hepatic Stellate Cells

Scholar: Aneesh Patel (Left)

Mentor: Lewis Scott (Right)

Lab: Christopher Lemmon

Project: The Effects of Substrate Stiffness on Nuclear Pore Mechanical Properties

Scholar: Aiza Humayun (Right)

Mentor: Alice Cheng (Left)

Lab: Barbara Boyan

Project: Characterization and Effects of Wear Debris of Direct Metal Laser Sintered Titanium Implants on Osteoblast Response

Scholar: Trae Fuller (Left)

Mentor: Chenyu Wang (Right)

Lab: Kenneth Wynne

Project: Roughness dependence of ice adhesion using a new laboratory test

Scholar: Allison Ramey (Right)

Mentor: Zhao Lin (Left)

Lab: Barbara Boyan

Project: The effects of MSC affinity peptide on periodontal ligament progenitor cells

Scholar: Nathaniel Kirby (Left)

Mentor: Shirae Leslie (Right)

Lab: Barbara Boyan

Project: The Diffusivity of Growth Factors in Alginate Microbeads

Scholar: Jewel Nkwocha

Mentor: Joseph Herbert

Lab: Rebecca Heise

Project: Therapeutic Effect of Vitamin C on Ventilator Induced Lung Injury in an Aging Mouse Model

Scholar: Eric Henderson

Mentor: Ping Huang

Lab: Yuichi Motai

Project: Cloud Computing for Computed Tomographic Colonography