DURI 2015


Michael Berger

Scholar: Michael Berger (BME)

Mentor: Ethan Lotz

Lab: Barbara D. Boyan, Ph.D.

Project: Semaphorin Regulation of Osteoclasts by Osteoblast Lineage Cells on Titanium Surfaces is Surface Dependent


Lotz, E.M., Berger, M.B., Schwartz, Z. & Boyan, B.D. (2018) Regulation of osteoclasts by osteoblast lineage cells depends on titanium implant surface properties. Acta Biomater 68: 296–307.

Brigitte Ha

Scholar: Brigitte Ha (CLSE)

Mentor: Adam Fisher

Lab: Stephen Fong, Ph.D.

Project: Promoting Bacterial Transformation: A Comparison of Surface-Functionalized Nanoparticles

Ryan Meekins and Laleh Golshahi

Scholar: Ryan Meekins (MNE)

Mentor/Lab: Laleh Golshahi, Ph.D.

Project: Intersubject Variability in Regional Deposition of Aerosols in Nasal Airways of Children 2-6 Years Old

Suraj Kandalam and Tyler Ferro

Scholar: Suraj Kandalam (BME)

Mentor: Tyler Ferro

Lab: Dianne T.V. Pawluk, Ph.D.

Project: Early Development Use of Tactile Graphics for Children: Tactile Crayons

 Karolina Stumbraite and Ryan Clohessy

Scholar: Karolina Stumbraite (BME)

Mentor: Ryan Clohessy

Lab: Zvi Schwartz, D.M.D., Ph.D.

Project: µ-Particle Scaffolds Support Osteogenic Differentiation


Scholar: Nabil Mikhaiel (BME)

Mentor: Robert Pouliot

Lab: Rebecca L. Heise, Ph.D.

Project: Utilizing Natural Crosslinking Molecules to Improve Stiffness of Lung-Derived Extracellular Matrix Hydrogels


Pouliot, R.A., Link, P.A., Mikhaiel, N.S., Schneck, M.B., Valentine, M.S., Kamga Gninzeko, F.J., Herbert, J.A., Sakagami, M. & Heise, R.L. (2016) Development and characterization of a naturally derived lung extracellular matrix hydrogel. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research - Part A 104: 1922–1935.

Young, B.M., Shankar, K., Allen, B.P., Pouliot, R.A., Schneck, M.B., Mikhaiel, N.S. & Heise, R.L. (2017) Electrospun Decellularized Lung Matrix Scaffold for Airway Smooth Muscle Culture. ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering 3: 3480–3492.

Link, P.A., Pouliot, R.A., Mikhaiel, N.S., Young, B.M. & Heise, R.L. (2017) Tunable Hydrogels from Pulmonary Extracellular Matrix for 3D Cell Culture. Journal of Visualized Experiments.

Aidan Collins and Sevag Gharibian

Scholar: Aidan Collins (CS)

Mentor/Lab: Sevag Gharibian, Ph.D.

Project: On the Complexity of Extending Product State Bases

Scholar: Matthew Beckwith (CLSE)

Mentor: Chenyu Wang

Lab: Kenneth J. Wynne, Ph.D.

Project: Antimicrobial Copolymers for Biomedical Applications

Scholar: Nicolas Andrade (ECE)

Mentor: Shopan Hafiz

Lab: Ümit Özgür, Ph.D.

Project: Investigation of Optical Efficiency and Defects in InGaN Light Emitting Diodes Using Near-Field Optical Microscopy