2017 Undergraduate Symposium Winners

1st Place

1st Place Alexandria Ritchie (BME)

The Effect of Pig Lung Extracellular Matrix Nanoparticles on Macrophage Phenotypes

Alexandria M. Ritchie1, Patrick A. Link1, Michael S. Valentine1, Gabrielle Cotman1, Rebecca L. Heise1

1Department of Biomedical Engineering, Virginia Commonwealth University

2nd Place

2nd Place Clint Cuffy (CS)

Vector Representations of Multi-Word Terms for Semantic Relatedness

Clint Cuffy1, Sam Henry1, and Bridget T. McInnes1

1 Department of Computer Science, Virginia Commonwealth University

3rd Place

3rd Place Tien Vuong (CLSE)

Fabrication of Gold-Loaded Nanoreactors by Polymer Directed Self Assembly

Tien Vuong1, Andrew Harrison1, Christina Tang1

1 Department of Chemical and Life Science Engineering, Virginia Commonwealth University