DURI 2015


Michael Berger
Scholar: Michael Berger (BME)
Mentor: Ethan Lotz
Lab: Dr. Barbara D. Boyan
Project: Semaphorin Regulation of Osteoclasts by Osteoblast Lineage Cells on Titanium Surfaces is Surface Dependent

Brigitte Ha
Scholar: Brigitte Ha (CLSE)
Mentor: Adam Fisher
Lab: Dr. Stephen Fong
Project: Promoting bacterial transformation: a comparison of surface-functionalized nanoparticles

Ryan Meekins and Laleh Golshahi
Scholar: Ryan Meekins (MNE)
Mentor: Dr. Laleh Golshahi
Lab: Dr. Laleh Golshahi
Project: Intersubject Variability in Regional Deposition of Aerosols in Nasal Airways of Children 2-6 Years Old

Suraj Kandalam and Tyler Ferro
Scholar: Suraj Kandalam (BME)
Mentor: Tyler Ferro
Lab: Dr. Dianne T.V. Pawluk
Project: Early Development use of Tactile Graphics for Children: Tactile Crayons

 Karolina Stumbraite and Ryan Clohessy
Scholar: Karolina Stumbraite (BME)
Mentor: Ryan Clohessy
Lab: Dr. Zvi Schwartz
Project: µ-Particle Scaffolds Support Osteogenic Differentiation

Scholar: Nabil Mikhaiel (BME)
Mentor: Robert Pouliot
Lab: Dr. Rebecca L. Heise
Project: Utilizing Natural Crosslinking Molecules to Improve Stiffness of Lung-Derived Extracellular Matrix Hydrogels

Aidan Collins and Sevag Gharibian
Scholar: Aidan Collins (CS)
Mentor: Dr. Sevag Gharibian
Lab: Dr. Sevag Gharibian
Project: On the complexity of extending product state bases

Scholar: Matthew Beckwith (CLSE)
Mentor: Chenyu Wang
Lab: Dr. Kenneth J. Wynne
Project: Antimicrobial Copolymers for Biomedical Applications

Scholar: Nicolas Andrade (ECE) Mentor: Shopan Hafiz
Lab: Dr. Ümit Özgür
Project: Investigation of optical efficiency and defects in InGaN light emitting diodes using near-field optical microscopy