Web Dev Wednesday

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Gaining a Deeper Understanding
of Text Data

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Under the direction of Bridget McInnes, Ph.D., assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science, researchers iIn VCU’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) Lab are working on a nimble, user-friendly automated system that can link thousands of medical publications. Through cutting edge data science, computers can extract relevant information from massive amounts of data.


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One of the current projects based in the Natural Language Processing (NLP) Lab focuses on nanomedicine. Computer science and nanomedicine researchers are teaming up to harness the power of NLP to make it easier to advance nanotechnology research.


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Students Build
Anesthesiology App

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An interdisciplinary, cross-campus team is collaborating to create a virtual training tool for future nurse anesthetists. The simulation gives students a feel for what it would be like to handle emergency situations and solve problems while racing the clock.

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Women in Computing

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Meet Ellen Korcovelos, who in 2016 earned a B.S. in bioinformatics, with a minor in computer science. She thinks there is no better time for women to get into computational fields, which offer multiple options for exciting collaborations across disciplines.

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Getting to Google

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Allen Calderwood, CS ’15, is VCU’s first graduate with a bachelor’s degree in computer science to snag a job at Google. Calderwood, a graduate of Google’s elite Engineering Residency program, works on large-scale distributed processing and test-driven development projects.

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