2014-2015 Projects

Biomedical Engineering Projects

Proj # Project Advisor Industry Entity Industry Advisor Students
BME 01 Improved, single use devices for performing cervical biopsies  Pawluk VCU OB/GYN Dr. Philippe Girerd Matthew, Suyama, Krisinger
BME 02 Device to deliver Endodontic material for temporary dental fillings Olivares-Navarette VCU Dentistry Dr. Virginia East Kamoun, Cyprus, Reddy, A. Salman
BME 03 Cell stretcher for live-cell imaging  Conway     Ramachandran, Mack, Trinh, Gonzales
BME 04 Smart device for automatic detection and localization of unconscious personnel Fei     Alqadeeb, Fang, Baxi, Shah
BME 05 Decellurization of porcine lung tissue Heise     Dhillon, Reid, Ta, Hulbert, Dagra
BME 06 Flow cytometer for the developing world Lemmon     Howell, Nkwocha, Laverty
BME 07 Rehabilitation tablet for patients with brain injury Miller     Sharad, Aneesh Patel, Wallace
BME 08 A functional electrical stimulation control system for use with spinal cord injury patients Miller     Aren Patel, Potter, Gourley
BME 09 Toy for deaf-blind pre-schoolers Pawluk     Polich, Gebs, Beckmann
BME 10 Physical therapy assistive device for visually-impaired individuals Pawluk     Duke, Goldberg, Schnur
BME 11 A Non-Contact System to Measure Wrist and Carpal Kinematics Wayne     Muralidharan, Hendel, Patel, Newton
BME 12 An Indoor Navigational Device for Individuals with Low Vision  Wetzel     Neal, Roth, Chea, Stuart
BME 13 Non-invasive blood glucose monitoring system Wetzel     Noah, Martinez, Decker
BME 14 A device for the objective assessment of ADHD using eye movements Wetzel     Overlin, Turnage, Dosaj
BME 15 Transbuccal delivery of liraglutide Yang     Vasquez, Pradhan, S. Salim, Clingenpeel
BME 16 Creating 3-D culture for rapid human stem cell expansion Zhang     Reep, Ilyas, Talej, Park

Chemical & Life Science Engineering Projects

Proj # Project Advisor Industry Entity Industry Advisor Students
CLSE 01 Separation Technology: System that will preserve and isolate (rather than decompose) oils Gupton RLC Technologies Tony Dollins Nguon (Michael) Lay, Kelsey Mangham, Nicholas Montesdeoca
CLSE 02 Tissue Freezing: Chilling/freezing device for ablation of the inner, bleeding prone inner uterine wall. Gupton VCU OB/GYN Dr. Philippe Girerd Julia Biddle, Hubertina (Tina) Tolpa, Krystal Zentgraf
CLSE 03 Rapid Diagnostics with Nanoparticles Gupton/Lewinski Anesthesiology Dr Bruce Spiess Laurence (Lance) Johnson, Sai Katikala, Maaz Nawaz
CLSE 04 Phosphate removal from water Gupton Chemtreat Dr William Henderson, Dr. Kalakodimi Prasad Laura (Viktoria) Pretzman, Nicholas Seymour, Snehi Shrestha
CLSE 05 Carbon Absorber Fouling Gupton Infilco Gary Claytor Ahmed Ahmed Elmak, Richard (Luke) Bolten, Christopher Holland
CLSE 06 Surfactant Water Soluble polymer Extraction Gupton Evonik Dr. Frank Schmidtmann Suhaib Al-ramamneh, Zachary Turner, Allison Warth
CLSE 07 Drug Delivery Gupton / Peters     Jeremy DiGennaro, Kurt Janson, Ji Young Yoon

Computer Science Projects

Proj # Project Advisor Industry Entity Industry Advisor Students
CS 01 Design a computing environment which will support flexible assignment of multiple server functions and operating systems using two or more hosting servers Ghosh Newport News Shipbuilding Daryl Kahle Goggin-Burns, Stephenie M., Kruse, Jason D., Sesay, Osman A.
CS 02 Big Data Indexing for Terabyte Scale Document Search Ghosh Search Box Timo Selvaraj Nguyen, Tri D., Johnson, Zachary H, Veale, Thomas M.
CS 03 Upgrade Tatami Ghosh Ippon USA Romain Lheritier Narron, Jeremy R., Spruill, Kameron J., Hegeland, Kenneth A.
CS 04‌‌ CHAT‌ Ghosh CHAT Todd Waldo McAlexander, Michael S., Shah, Dhruvil D., Acharya, Dhundi R.
CS 05 Developing an EPICS IOC in LabVIEW Ghosh J-LAB Christiana Wilson Talbott, Michael P., Shires, David R., Butler, Kenneth V.
CS 06 Development of mobile applications for VCU’s Center for Clinical and Translational Research Ghosh Biostatistics Dr David Fenstermacher Vichith, Vattana V., Wu, Stephen D., Zhang, Bowen
CS 07 Predator-prey game to maintain stable fish population for Ecotoxicological studies Ghosh US Army Corps of Engineers R&D Center Mike Mayo Malkus, Tyler J., Blondin, Jason E., Halpern, Catherine P.
CS 08 Website and E Marketing Development Fung Clover Care Jeff Law Kingery, Weston , Bryant, Parker J., Elliott, Amber, Ramos, Ervin
CS 09 CRM Integration App for Smart Phones Ghosh AMC Technology Rajbans Joshi Calderwood, Robert A., Bates, Matthew J., Jenkins, Matthew J.
CS 10 Printing Estimating App Ghosh Columbia Graphics and Printing Scott Haugh Wooten, Christopher M., Zubair, Sahil, Jacobi, Alex
CS 11 Text analytic system (TAS) for the critical infrastructure dependency mining Manic Idaho National Laboratory Ryan Hruska Cecil, James R., Murphy, John R., Contarino, Joseph
CS 12 Smart grid stability and issues/ challenges associated with coupling nuclear and renewable energy sources Manic Idaho National Laboratory P. Sabharwall Chouat, Abderrahmen H., Holcombe, Jacob B., Joo, Shiyoon
CS 13 Discovering vulnerabilities from bug databases Manic Idaho National Laboratory M McQueen Neville, Christopher M., Rymer, Joshua H., Hodges, Robert M.
CS 14 Smart Grid Communications Network Simulation Project Manic Idaho National Laboratory Kurt Derr Waser, Morgan J., Perkins, Brandon T., Koppier, Benjamin C.
CS 15 Driving simulataor – Vehicle Simulation development and testing Manic Idaho National Laboratory David Gertman Boswell, Justin W., Freund, James R., Grinkevich, Ivan A.
CS 16 Data Fusion in failure prediction of complex control systems Manic Idaho National Laboratory McJunkin Timothy Sivils, Patrick G., Amos, Sean T., Collins, Aidan G.
CS 17 Rams OnBoard Ghosh VCU Office of Human Resources   Brazil, Samuel T., White, De-Shunda M., Boo Irizarry, Yamil
CS 18 Visualization of NLP extractions McInnes Securboration Josh Powers Vieth, David D., Warraich, Deepak S., Barbor, Kevin D.
CS 19 Next generation cohort discovery tool for VCU Massey Cancer Center Cancer Informatics Core. Cios Biostatistics Dr David Fenstermacher Cohen, Javan A., Radhakrishnan, Nandu, Seal, Brian K.
CS 20 Study of Android Malware: Protection, Detection, and Prevention Fung     Bond, Gerrit, Pare, Marcus E., Jackson, Steven T.

Electrical & Computer Engineering Projects

Proj # Project Advisor Industry Entity Industry Advisor Students
ECE 01 JSRCC Automotive Object Detection Simulator Cabral / Xiao JSRCC Melissa Gay Lucas Cerully, Salima Fanaoui, Derek McCubbin
ECE 02 Design and operation of an automated magnetic field scanning system (EE, ME and CSE disciplines) Ozgur, Filippas J-LAB Ed Daly George Bakirtzis, Tara Powell, Tim Owen
ECE 03 Temperature measurement of Server Room Cabral Paraclete Bill Sneddon Eric Cobbinah, Faide Matabaro, James McAdams, Michael Tu
ECE 04 Autonomous non-causal parking system Zhao     Swarna Chowdhuri, Hue Vo, Ivo Yotow
ECE 05 Humdinger Wind Generator Ozgur     Zachary Gartrell, Jimmy McNamee, Andrew Krupacs
ECE 06 Skin-Like Electronics Cabral     Stefan Sharpley, Drew Simmons, Matthew Nelson, Michael Flynn
ECE 07 Low Power Sensors Atkinson     Ashley, Coleman, Othman, Yotov
ECE 08 Black Mesa Atkinson     Buckley, French, Lau
ECE 09 QRC RF Analyzer Klenke     Aldajaei, Littleton, Thomas
ECE 10 3D Cloud Acquisition Klenke     Arpe, Foster, Somers
ECE 11 Automated Disc Kiosk Elks     Amoatin, Stankov, Woods
ECE 12 Home Automation Via Smart Technology Elks     Griggs, Morrisette, Pepper, Simmons

Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering Projects

Proj # Project Advisor Industry Entity Industry Advisor Students
MNE 01 Fundamental Study and Design of a Molten Metal Loop Using an Electromagnetic Pump Supathorn Phongikaroon     Torres, J. Moore, Granek, Espisitu
MNE 02 The Perfect Coffee Cup McLeskey, Tafreshi     Stavlas, Bowers, Murphy, Ingram
‌‌ The Low-cost Desalination Unit McLeskey, Tafreshi     Herbert-Walters, Martin, Scolese, Trinh
MNE 04 Superhydrophobic Boat Tafreshi     Anton, Avdic, Sandhir, Zheng
MNE 05 Design, Build and Fly R/C Aircraft: 2014-15 Atulashima     Wydler, MacGill, M. Johnson, Peake
MNE 06 Human-Machine Interfaces Via Wireless Skin-Like Electronic Systems Yeo     Mishra, Baber, Patel, Sotos, Azari (5)
MNE 07 Nuclear Reactor Simulator Miller     Petrella, Waugh, Dip, Camargo, Ek (5)
MNE 08 JSRCC Automotive Object Detection Simulator Cartin JSRCC Melissa Gay Holder, Salam, Fines
MNE 09 Tapered Roller Bearing Accelerated Fatigue Life Test Rig Design – A Cartin Brenco Reed, Martin Ofsonka, Grimm, Trinh, Morris, Bennett, Englert (6)
MNE 10 Tapered Roller Bearing Accelerated Fatigue Life Test Rig Design – B Cartin Brenco Reed, Martin Compton, D. Miller, Chandler, T. Miller
MNE 11 Machine Design for Rotary Seal Cartin Sealeze Russell Rowland Paredes, Richardson, Rogers, Yam, Clark (5)
MNE 12 FSAE – Shift Control system Cartin     Bressler, Bryant, Fergusson, Shepard
MNE 13 Robotic Inspection Robotic Inspection of Geometrically Complex Tanks – Dr. Speich – Speich Huntington Ingalls Industries -Newport News Shipbuilding Devon Miller Stacy, Reid, Bayne, Morgan
MNE 14 Traversing Geometries Other than Tanks – Dr. Speich – Speich Huntington Ingalls Industries -Newport News Shipbuilding Devon Miller Dinsmore, J.Kim, Snook, T.Tran, Wilhelmi (5)
MNE 15 FSAE – Differential Carrier and Design Gulla     Rivero, Quach, Jillani
‌‌ FSAE Car Pedal Box Sexton     Munden, Hathcock
MNE 18 FSAE Undercarriage Diffuser Sexton     Waqar, Usodan, Hossini, Azari
MNE 19 FSAE General Vehicle Aerodynamics Sexton     Al-Badani, Buettner, Sumervile, Russell, Wardlaw

Multidisciplinary Projects

Proj # Project Advisor Industry Entity Industry Advisor Students
INT 01 Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Fusor Miller, Bilbao, Fillipas Dominion   MNE: Boyd, Hortelano, Kassaye, Killinger, Stanfield, Stark, Veilleux ECE: Reuter(7/1)
INT 02 Distal Touch V.3 Cabral VA McGuire Joe Webster Powell (ME), Borges(CpE), Henderson(CpE), Ernst(EE) (1/3)
INT 03 Photocell Temperature Regulation McLeskey + Cabral Paraclete Bill Sneddon Dante Johnson (ECE), Brian Nguyen (ECE), Brian Roberts (ME)
INT 04 New Cartridge Filter Testing and Development Gupton, Gulla Delta Pure Todd Furbee Joshua Byrd (CLSE), Tejeswini Shrestha (CLSE), Daniel Phan (MNE)