Common Grounds: A Breakfast Series on Inclusive Teaching | Purposeful Engagement of Difference

Common Grounds: A Breakfast Series on Inclusive Teaching

The purpose of Common Grounds is to provide a space for faculty members and all of those who educate our students to discuss best practices for inclusive teaching. How can we build a sense of belonging within the classroom that prioritizes the student experience and learning outcomes? How can we help our students to thrive?

Let’s cultivate a learning community for engineering educators who focus on individual student success by highlighting learning as a personal experience. Topics that will be discussed include transparency, academic belonging, structured interactions, purposeful engagement of difference, and flexibility. This is a place for you to learn from your peers as you discuss monthly topics and enjoy the community that comes from enjoying a meal together.

This month's topic: Purposeful Engagement of Difference

Friday, April 14 | 9am-10am | Location West 433

  • How can you acknowledge differences in a way that adds to the learning experience?
  • In what ways can you avoid framing students’ identities as barriers to be overcome?
  • How can you share your own identities with students and why might that be valuable?

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