Open Mic Night (Students)

This is an open mic where anyone can showcase their art in a relaxed environment.

  • To keep the feel of a live audience and supportive, present community, we will require that participants have their video on during the open mic.
  • Each performer will have 4 minutes to perform
  • We will not go in any particular order and performers will be picked at random
  • The host will control who is muted/unmuted and will decide who needs to be muted in an effort to mitigate any distractions during the performances
  • We will not tolerate disrespect or harassment of any kind. Anyone who breaks this one rule will be eliminated from the Virtual Open Mic and will not be welcome back
  • Performers are encouraged to share their social media channels or website in the group chat
  • Please have your webcams and audio tested before joining

If you have any questions, reach out to Allison Singer at