American Nuclear Society poster award winner

Ryan McGuire
Ryan McGuire

Student Success Stories

Ryan McGuire

Poster Award winner
American Nuclear Society 2020 Winter Meeting 

Poster: “Using Additive Manufacturing to Investigate State-of-the-Art Instrumentation in Advanced Reactor Thermal Hydraulic Experiments”
Year: Sophomore
Major: Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering
Hometown: Fairfax, Virginia
Organizations: Vice president, VCU chapter of the American Nuclear Society; Marshall, Theta Tau professional engineering fraternity; member, American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Wants to: Contribute to the nuclear community, earn an internship with a nuclear systems design or research team and develop leadership skills to tackle tough challenges.

"Some reach for perfection. I reach for valuable experiences and knowledge along my journey. I've really enjoyed the family aspects of my research group, and am especially thankful to Dr. Lane B. Carasik for giving me the opportunity to join his lab. One important lesson I've learned is that failure is needed in order to succeed the next time.”