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VCU Engineering employees celebrate 2020 employment milestones

VCU Engineering employees celebrate 2020 employment milestones
Seven of the 35 VCU Engineering employees celebrating milestones. (Left to right, top to bottom): Jennifer Rivers, M.Ed., Alen Docef, Ph.D., Frank Gulla, M.S., Ashok Iyer, Ph.D., Dmitry Pestov, Ph.D., Paul Wetzel, Ph.D., Kenneth Wynne, Ph.D.

VCU’s annual Service Recognition Celebration was held March 23 to honor VCU and VCU Health employees who reached university employment milestones in 2020. Please join us in congratulating the following VCU Engineering faculty and staff members, hourly workers and student workers included in this year’s celebration:

25 Years of Service:

Jennifer Rivers, M.Ed.

20 Years of Service: 

Alen Docef, Ph.D.

Frank Gulla, M.S.

Ashok Iyer, Ph.D.

Dmitry Pestov, Ph.D.

Paul Wetzel, Ph.D.

Kenneth Wynne, Ph.D.

15 Years of Service:

Stephen Fong, Ph.D. 

Michael McClure, Ph.D.

Laura Osborne

Dianne Pawluk, Ph.D.

Robert Sexton, Ph.D.

Meredith Stockman, M.S.

10 Years of Service:

Tomasz Arodz, Ph.D.

Mark Meadows, M.P.A.

Ben Spence

Five Years of Service:

Michael Berger

Eyuphan Bulut , Ph.D.

Alberto Cano, Ph.D.

Carlos Castano, Ph.D.

Cara Clark, M.F.A.

Carl Elks, Ph.D.

Arthur French

Brian Griffin

Rick Hite

Connor Howe

Lukasz Kurgan, Ph.D.

Benjamin Meyers

Daniel Marino Lizarazo

Micki Parr, M.Ed.

Seyran Saeedi

Kayla Scott

Christina Tang, Ph.D.

Erdem Topsakal, Ph.D.

Rebecca Walker