Sana Hosseini, Ph.D., earns VCU’s 2021 Distinguished Dissertation Award

Sana Hosseini

Sana Hosseini, Ph.D. (Ph.D.’21)
VCU’s 2021 Distinguished Dissertation Award
Adviser: Laleh Golshahi, Ph.D.

Dissertation: "Evaluation of Regional Extrathoracic Deposition of Low- and High-Momentum Aerosol Using Anatomically Correct In Vitro Airway Models"

Hometown: Urmia, Iran

Other honors while in VCU’s Ph.D. program: VCU Engineering’s Outstanding Graduate Research award, May 2021

Looking forward to: Continuing work on a research project titled "Evaluation of Current Approaches Used to Establish Bioequivalence of Nasal Sprays for Local Action in Children” as a postdoctoral research associate in VCU Engineering’s Respiratory Aerosol Research and Educational (RARE) Laboratory.

Wants to: Support the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s ongoing efforts to improve locally acting generic drug testing and development. “I’m passionate about my contributions to the interdisciplinary field of aerosol science, and I can’t wait to carry my experiences and lessons to my future research adventures,” Hosseini said.

Outside the lab: Bicycling, hiking the Blue Ridge Mountains or creating abstract/mixed media paintings.

I feel so lucky for the opportunity to work in a wonderful research group. I’m grateful for all the guidance and support from my mentors at VCU over the past couple of years. I’d especially like to thank my adviser, Dr. Laleh Golshahi, the director of the Respiratory Aerosol Research and Educational (RARE) laboratory. She and the RARE lab inspired my research throughout my Ph.D. studies.