Introducing: VCU Engineering Connections

VCU Engineering Connections

VCU Engineering has launched VCU Engineering Connections, the new official mentorship platform for the VCU College of Engineering.

VCU Engineering Connections connects engineering students, alumni and others in the engineering community through:

  • A mentorship program, giving students the opportunity to be mentored by others or offer mentorship to fellow alumni/students.
  • A job board with current opportunities, posted by alumni, students and strategic partners.
  • A full opt-in directory of alumni and students, allowing you to connect with your VCU Engineering community around the world.
  • A running feed of alumni and student updates, interesting content, photos and conversations.
  • Group conversations that allow you to engage at a more granular level with those with the same class, interests, careers, industries and locations as you.
  • Events posted by alumni, students and VCU Engineering, encouraging pop-up engagement, opportunities to meet potential employers, webinars hosted by subject matter experts within our networks, and other organic engagement opportunities created for and by you.

Signing up should take less than two minutes by registering with your LinkedIn or Facebook profile or with your email.

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