Biomedical Engineering Adjunct Faculty Receives State Grants

By VCU University Relations


Biomedical engineering adjunct professor Christopher Dosier, Ph.D., who is principal investigator at SpherIngenics Inc., has received two 2017 Commonwealth Research Commercialization Fund awards.

One project, “Sustained Release Delivery System for Treatment of Chronic Wounds,” is for a study of healing chronic wounds in diabetic patients that can in some cases prevent amputations. The other, “Product Development for Sustained Release Biologic Delivery System,” is to test the commercial viability of SpherIngenics’ patented microbead technology.

SpherIngenics develops regenerative medicine applications, used to help heal traumatic injuries. School of Engineering Dean Barbara D. Boyan, Ph.D., started the company based on her own research.

Ultimately, Dosier (BME ’06)  is excited about the potential these grants give him for teaching students at the VCU School of Engineering.

“Hopefully, I am passing on to future generations of VCU researchers and alumni, strategies and considerations to get their ideas funded in an ever increasing competitive funding landscape,” he said.