Meet mechanical engineering student Tyriq Clay from VCU’s TRIO program

Tyriq Clay holding a skateboard
Tyriq Clay wants to travel the world, but Richmond and VCU have set the bar high. "Everyplace I visit from here on will be heavily scrutinized to see if they can compete with what VCU is as a community and as a city," he said. "We’ll see how things measure up from here." (Photo by Allen Jones, University Marketing.)

By VCU University Public Affairs

Tyriq Clay is one of 41 students graduating this month who participated in TRIO Student Support Services, a federally funded program that helps vulnerable student populations navigate college.

I started college with a clear mind. I walked on campus with the idea that, “Everything that I will experience from here on out will be something I haven’t experienced in grade school up to high school.” I was going to take a back seat and watch as events and opportunities unfolded in front of me. This mindset gave me the greatest group of friends who loved to hear out my crazy ideas and adventures and we came up with some pretty unique stories, so much so that I can’t recall half of them unless they bring it up in conversation.

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