Connect with Students

Engineering Career Services is here to help you connect with VCU engineering students and alumni. Follow the steps below to make your recruitment plan as successful as possible.

  1. Post a job, internship or co-op.
  2. Attend the Internship and Career Fair.
  3. Connect with Engineering Career Services to learn more about signature recruitment events and the Engineering Partner Program.
  4. Interview on campus.

Signature Events

Share your organization’s brand with VCU engineers by attending the following signature recruitment events:

  • Internship and Career Fair
    Meet hundreds of undergraduate and graduate career-ready students at the Fall and Spring Engineering Internship and Career Fairs.
  • Mock Interviews
    Sign up to help VCU engineers sail through their next interview. If you would like to volunteer to help with Mock Interviews, please email for more information. 
  • Capstone Project sponsorship
    Learn more about how sponsoring a team of VCU students can help you solve real-world problems.

Connect on a Deeper Level

After signing up for our signature events, it is time to start strategically connecting with students. Engineering Career Services is here to help you create a customized recruitment plan consisting of on-campus interviews, site visits, networking events, and much more!

  • Become an Engineering Employer Partner
    The Partner Program is an annual program administered throughout the academic year, includes various levels of participation, and is designed to help employers drive hiring success.
  • Custom Recruitment Day
    Work one-on-one with Engineer Career Services to create a day full of recruitment events designed to help you meet your hiring goals. 
  • On-Campus Interviews
    Use our career center facilities to conduct interviews, providing convenience for you as well as our students.
  • Hire Interns
    Hiring interns can be exceptionally beneficial for companies. Not only are you granting VCU students the opportunity to develop professionally, but the role of the intern can prove to be an extremely valuable asset to your company.
  • Hire Co-ops
    Use the advanced engineering and problem-solving skills of VCU engineers on a full-time basis to benefit your organization through the College of Engineering Co-op Program.
  • Hire International Students
    Hiring international students for internships is easy. Take advantage of the diverse perspective these exceptional students will bring to your organization.