Accelerated master’s program student, Taylor Hendrick, leverages lifetime love for science and math into a career in biomedical engineering research

A love for science fiction and natural aptitude for math and science inspired Taylor Hendrick from a young age, eventually leading her to the VCU College of Engineering.

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From nasal casts to emergency intubation, newly honored VCU innovators explore fresh frontiers

Five projects get Commercialization Fund awards from TechTransfer and Ventures, which helps campus inventions reach the marketplace.

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Small buildings, big impact: OpenCyberCity Director Sherif Abdelwahed, Ph.D., talks about smart city research and the new capabilities of VCU Engineering’s miniature city

With this increased demand for IoT experience, the VCU College of Engineering formed the OpenCyberCity testbed in 2022. The 1:12 scale model city provides a realistic, small-scale cityscape where students and researchers can experiment with new and existing smart city technology.

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NIAMS Pathway to Independence Award granted to Evan Buettmann to research mechanical regulation of bone healing and muscle strength during extended disuse

“This grant will give me the opportunity to jump-start my independent career and build a research program investigating how we can improve quality of life and mobility after debilitating musculoskeletal injuries,” Buettmann said.

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Finding nano: Creative coral conservation with nanotechnology

In her recent TEDx talk, Natassja Lewinski, Ph.D., explores the benefits and potential risks of using nanotechnology in safeguarding coral reefs.

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U.S. Department of Energy awards VCU College of Engineering $1.5 million toward a research, education and training Center of Excellence

Engineering foundation professor and director of nuclear engineering programs, Supathorn Phongikaroon, Ph.D., will bring together nuclear engineering faculty at VCU, VCU’s School of Business, VUU and VSU faculty members in Department of Energy-funded research project.

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Smaller and Sharper: Nibir Dhar, Ph.D., works to miniaturize mid-wave infrared sensors and improve image quality with advances in materials science and semiconductor design

Nibir Dhar, Ph.D., professor of electrical and computer engineering, is developing a method for miniaturizing MWIR technology to make it more affordable and easily carried by soldiers, who most need the technology.

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Electrical and computer engineering professor receives grant to improve radar technology using artificial intelligence

This year, the Department of Defense awarded 50 minority-serving institutions nationwide, including Virginia Commonwealth University, over $60 million in funds toward defense priority areas.

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VCU hosts Richmond FBI Cyber Collegiate Academy, ushering over 200 students into a month-long cybersecurity awareness journey

Throughout this month-long educational initiative, students from VCU, the University of Richmond and Virginia Union University learned about cybersecurity and law enforcement from FBI field professionals.


Department of Defense awards $9M to create research institute at the VCU College of Engineering

The Convergence Lab Initiative, a cross-disciplinary institute, will bring together scientists, engineers and technicians to solve pressing defense challenges for the U.S.

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