The Virginia Commonwealth University School of Engineering is committed to creativity and discovery in all aspects of our experience here at the university and in the community at large. We engage in respectful collaborations and foster problem-solving, driven by the need to improve human life at home and around the world.

Some of our recent discoveries include a nanoparticle-based drug-delivery technology to help treat brain cancer in a less invasive way, a new type of smart material to reduce invasive surgical procedures and privacy protection in cloud computing environments.

Our faculty members and their research teams have also produced promising work to create resorbable vascular grafts, battery-free computer processors and improved pulmonary drug delivery through aerosol dynamics – as well as machine-based early cancer detection advancements, biomedical signal and image processing to detect hemorrhagic shock and a breakthrough in soft-surface antimicrobial coatings.

This work exemplifies our devotion to all things possible. Consider joining us in the meaningful discovery to solve problems and improve human life.