Electrical and computer engineering professor receives grant to improve radar technology using artificial intelligence

This year, the Department of Defense awarded 50 minority-serving institutions nationwide, including Virginia Commonwealth University, over $60 million in funds toward defense priority areas.

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VCU hosts Richmond FBI Cyber Collegiate Academy, ushering over 200 students into a month-long cybersecurity awareness journey

Throughout this month-long educational initiative, students from VCU, the University of Richmond and Virginia Union University learned about cybersecurity and law enforcement from FBI field professionals.


Department of Defense awards $9M to create research institute at the VCU College of Engineering

The Convergence Lab Initiative, a cross-disciplinary institute, will bring together scientists, engineers and technicians to solve pressing defense challenges for the U.S.

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Electrical and computer engineering professor receives National Science Foundation grant for his work on rapid assembly and enhancement of single photon sources.

Nathaniel Kinsey, Ph.D., has been awarded a grant for his research into nanophotonics, the study of light with materials at the nanoscale.

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Mechanical and nuclear engineering professor receives $5 million Department of Energy grant

DOE’s RENEW initiative supports 40 minority-serving institutions to build a diverse STEM workforce.

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VCU undergraduate Gwendolyn Verity champions gender equality in engineering through NASA’s Student Engineering Research Program

Chemical and life science engineering senior, Gwendolyn Verity, spent the summer researching with NASA. Now, as she prepares for her senior year, she reflects on the program's commitment to breaking down gender barriers in STEM.

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U.S. Department of Energy awards VCU College of Engineering $1.5 million toward a research, education and training Center of Excellence

Engineering foundation professor and director of nuclear engineering programs, Supathorn Phongikaroon, Ph.D., will bring together nuclear engineering faculty at VCU, VCU’s School of Business, VUU and VSU faculty members in Deparment of Energy-funded research project.

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VCU researchers developing affordable, noninvasive treatment for RDS in newborns

Worth Longest and his team received a $3 million grant to create an aerosolized surfactant - a substance that lowers liquid surface tension - and a device to deliver it.

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Optical research illuminates a possible future for computing technology

Nathaniel Kinsey, Ph.D., seeks to understand the viability of building computer components using light instead of electrical signals.

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Virtual reality surgical simulator with haptic feedback helps surgeons hone their skills

VCU Engineering researchers collaborate with VCU Health to develop and commercialize new technology.

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