Future Students

Looking Ahead

Interested in learning how the College of Engineering prepares its students for future careers? Visit the Career Services section of the website.

Are you a dreamer? A thinker? A doer? Engineering is about being all three. It’s a discipline dependent on advanced math, science and technology, but that’s not all. It’s also about thinking creatively, communicating and about working in teams.

Whether you’re exploring engineering for the first time or considering graduate education, we think you’ll thrive on the collaborative atmosphere here at the Virginia Commonwealth University College of Engineering.

Located in the heart of Richmond, Va. — the state’s bustling capital city and home to a mix of Fortune 500 companies — the VCU College of Engineering provides students with a wealth of student internships, business opportunities and ways to become involved with the community.

The Wright Engineering Access Scholarship

VCU Engineering’s flagship scholarship program gives need- and merit-based awards to a wide range of students, including nontraditional students and community college transfers. For many Wright Scholars, this award means being able to focus exclusively on academics without having to take on part-time jobs. When combined with internships and co-ops, this program can reduce — and even eliminate — the need for student loans.


Students may apply to the following programs at the VCU College of Engineering:

Next Steps

We welcome you to learn about our program requirements and admission standards. We also invite you to visit us in person for an informational meeting and a tour of our facilities, to see firsthand what makes VCU Engineering a great place to be.

One of the reasons so many students choose the VCU College of Engineering is the opportunity for hands-on learning: putting into practice what they have learned in the classroom.

From participating in research projects — often in collaboration with faculty and industry — and contributing to design teams to going on rounds with doctors at the VCU Medical Center and working in labs, our students graduate with valuable experience to take them into the workforce or graduate schools.

In addition, many of our programs require an internship experience. But beyond requirements, our students are eager to work with real-world problems and find real-world solutions.