Hire International Students

Hire a VCU Engineering International Student for an Internship – It’s easy!

Did you know?

VCU sponsors the student for the internship. No visa sponsorship is required by the employer.

How does it work?

Students with an F-1 visa may work in an internship that is related to their major. They may work full-time in the summer (40 hours a week) and/or part-time (up to 20 hours a week) during the school year.

What must the employer do?

  • Provide the student with a written offer letter. This letter must be written on company letterhead from the employer and include: job title, start and end date of employment, number of hours to work per week, place of employment and a brief description of the work to be performed.
  • As for any employee, the employer must comply with I-9 guidelines. Students should provide their visa, I-94 and copy of the I-20 (authorization to work) to complete the I-9 upon starting employment.

Really? It’s that easy?

There is no additional burden, paperwork or cost for employers when hiring international students who are F-1 visa holders.

Why bother

International students offer a diverse perspective, and they demonstrate maturity and initiative as they navigate the challenges of living and learning in a non-native culture.