On Campus Interview Banner

Employers are welcome to use VCU College of Engineering facilities at no cost to conduct interviews. Using VCU facilities for on-campus interviews provides convenience for you as well as our students. To request a date for on-campus interviews, contact Rebecca Kurihine by emailing rskurihine@vcu.edu.

Tips for Success

When thinking about your on-campus interviews, consider the following tips for success:

  • Remember that finals can be stressful and studying requires a significant amount of time. Therefore, we recommend you schedule your interview date(s) around the academic calendar. View the full VCU academic calendar.
  • Plan ahead to allow plenty of time for reviewing applications and communicating with students.
  • Use thoughtfulness when crafting your job postings in order to attract the most attention from students.  Need help writing your job posting? Contact Rebecca Kurihine by emailing rskurihine@vcu.edu for guidance and assistance.