Internship and Career Fair Sponsorship Opportunities

Make the most out of the VCU College of Engineering Internship and Career Fair by becoming an event sponsor! Sponsorships are available for:

  • Student Registration: This sponsorship includes prominent signage at each registration station and the opportunity to give away branding materials and promotional items to over 600 VCU engineers.
  • Backpack Rooms: For the convenience of students, there are backpack rooms at the Internship and Career Fair where students can drop off their belongings while they attend the fair. The Backpack Room sponsorship will include placement of recruitment material inside the room and prominent signage outside the room.
  • LinkedIn Photo Booth: Allows one employer the opportunity to brand their organization through prominent signage outside of the popular LinkedIn Photo Booth.
  • The Mobile Career Fair App: Allows one employer the opportunity to have their logo displayed every time a student opens the application on their phone. With over 450 active users, this sponsorship is a great opportunity for you to share their brand with VCU engineers.
  • Resume Express: Allows one employer the opportunity to get a head start reviewing student resumes by participating in a full day of resume reviews the day before the Internship and Career Fair.

Become a Sponsor

Questions? Contact Rebecca Kurihine by emailing for more information.