Providing Transcripts to Employers

Sometimes employers will ask you to provide a copy of your transcripts.  Luckily, VCU makes it easy for you to gather copies of your transcripts.  When you receive the request for transcripts, however, make sure to pay close attention to if the company is requesting unofficial or official transcripts.

Unofficial Transcripts

If the company asks for unofficial transcripts, you can access them immediately and send them to the employer as an electronic .pdf file. To do this, log onto VCU eServices and click on 'Student', then 'Student Records', and finally 'Academic Transcript'. After clicking 'Submit', your transcripts will appear.  Transcripts are typically 4-5 pages long.  Right click on the page to print, but change the printer destination to 'Save to PDF'.  From there, you can save your transcripts onto your computer and use them over and over as you are applying to jobs and internships.

Official Transcripts

If the company asks for official transcripts, that means that they are either mailed to you and your forward them without opening them, or you ask VCU to mail them directly to the company. Either way, it takes a few days to a week and the transcripts show up in a sealed and signed envelope. Official transcripts are not asked for as often as unofficial transcripts are. To get an official copy, click here to request your transcripts.

There is a charge of $5 per copy. When ordering your transcripts, we encourage you to order a few copies, each in a separate envelope, and keep them so that you can send one in a moment's notice, as needed.