Requirements and Templates

Google Form submission links

Materials should be submitted by faculty advisers who have reviewed and approve the submissions.

Poster and Abstract Submission Form - Due by April 1, 2022 at midnight.

Video Presentation Submission Form - Due by April 15, 2022 at midnight.

Files must be downloaded to your team’s project page in EduSourced and the Google forms for submitting expo projects. Please refer to this page for requirements and templates used to present your project. If you have any issues downloading or using any of the files here, please contact EngrMktComm@vcu and include "Capstone Expo help request" and your project number in the subject line.

Posters and abstracts are due in EduSourced and the Google form no later than midnight on Friday, April 1, 2022. Prerecorded video presentations are due in EduSourced and the Google form no later than midnight on Friday, April 15, 2022.

  • All file names must start with <PROJECT_NUMBER>
  • Abstracts are named <PROJECT_NUMBER>_Abstract
  • Posters are named <PROJECT_NUMBER>_Poster
  • Prerecorded video presentations are named <PROJECT_NUMBER>_Presentation

Example: the filename for the abstract for the BME team 22-101 would be 22-101_Abstract.docx

Teams should seek the approval of their faculty adviser for all documents before loading into EduSourced. Faculty advisers are responsible for uploading materials to Google forms. Documents must be shared with sponsors before submission–especially important for industrial sponsors with whom an NDA may be in place. Teams with industrial sponsors must get input on their documents prior to the deadline.


Abstract Requirements

  • Submit abstracts to the Faculty Adviser for approval in both DOCX (Microsoft Word) and PDF format. File name MUST be of the format <PROJECT_NUMBER>_Abstract
    • Example: the file format the abstract for BME team 22-101 would read 22-101_Abstract.docx
    • Make sure the project number without year is prominently displayed on the abstract

Abstract Guidelines


Poster Requirements

  • The size of posters is 48" x 32".
  • Posters must be submitted to the Faculty Adviser for approval in both PPTX (Microsoft PowerPoint) and PDF format. File name MUST be of the format <PROJECT_NUMBER>_Poster
    • Example: the file format the poster for BME 22-101 would read 22-101_Poster.pptx
    • Make sure the project number without year is prominently displayed on the poster in the header on the upper right hand side. For example, for BME team 22-101, the team number is 101.
  • No poster will be displayed without the approval of the faculty adviser.


  • Change or move the background image
  • Add background colors
  • Place any text or images over the VCU brand bar, Capstone logo, department icon or top bar
  • Change the size of the template (it should be 48x32 inches).

Poster Guidelines

Please review the Capstone Poster Guidlines when creating your posters. Poor quality posters will reflect in your grade.

Poster Templates


Your Capstone Senior Design experience is an important part of your engineering education. In order to assist you and your team with your final deliverables submissions, we’ve created this guide for you to follow.

  • Abstracts and posters must be submitted by April 1, 2022 at midnight. Prerecorded video presentations must be submitted by April 15, 2022 at midnight.
  • All submissions should be sent to EduSourced as well as the Google form.
    • Reminder: Each document needs to be submitted individually
    • Please upload each document using the Files section of your EduSourced Project page. This is where your instructor and the Capstone Design Expo team will look to find your submission.
    • Please also upload each document to the Google form
  • Use the guide below to name your document prior to uploading it to EduSourced or the Google form:
Document File Title Format File Type Final
Abstract 22-101_Abstract  Word (.doc) or PDF (.pdf) 22-101_Abstract.doc
Poster 22-101_Poster PowerPoint (.pptx) or PDF (.pdf) 22-101_Poster.pptx
Prerecorded video presentation 22-101_Presentation MPEG-4 (.mp4) 22-101_Presentation.mp4

Note on File Types

Using tools other that Microsoft PowerPoint to create the posters has been the cause of many issues with proper formatting of the posters. We strongly recommend using Microsoft PowerPoint. If you are using Google Workplace, Apple Pages and Keynote, Adobe Suite or other tools to create your project deliverables, please note that:

  • You should "download as" or "export" your file in one of the accepted file types (Microsoft Office and PDF) listed in the chart above. The export process may modify your formatting. You must review and revise your document once you have downloaded it in the appropriate file type prior to submitting it.