From labs investigating the molecular mechanisms of cellular mechanotransduction, to labs developing novel tools to image cardiac hemodynamics, to labs exploring novel methods of improving rehabilitation, VCU Biomedical Engineering is on the cutting edge of research at the interface of biology, medicine and engineering. Learn more about which faculty members are working in different areas.

BME extramural research expenditures have increased by 427% over the last 5 years. Faculty are PIs on NIH grants totaling $1.8 million of funding for the current year and NSF grants totaling $3.5 million. VCU BME faculty include 5 NIH R01 Principal Investigators, 3 NSF CAREER recipients, and 1 NIH MIRA award recipient. Read more about BME faculty’s funded projects.

All that extramural funding is paying dividends, with VCU BME creating and publishing groundbreaking research findings. View publications from our students and faculty.