Advisory Boards

Undergraduate Advisory Board

The Undergraduate Student Advisory Board (USAB) was created by the Electrical & Computer Engineering department with the general purpose of working with the chair and faculty to initiate student support programs and speak at recruiting events to promote VCU Engineering around the area. Since September 2015, the USAB has promoted VCU academics at over 15 public events including the UCI Bike-Race, the Broad Street Mile Race, VCU Open House events, and high-school outreach events.

Members (pictured above):

(Top Left to Right) Jared Carey, Niraj Patel, Andrew Stasi, Hunter Bruce, Nick Agee, Jillian Donohue, Maria Asselanis.
(Bottom Left to Right) Dajion Martin, William Friend, Roxanne Jassawalla, Hiba Nabi, Adeeb Stwodah.
(Missing from Photo) Jessica Shaffer, Sanjana Paul, Alex Surette.

Graduate Advisory Board

The Graduate Student Advisory Board (GSAB) was created by the Electrical & Computer Engineering department with the general purpose of striving to enhance the experience of graduate student life by working with the chair and faculty to increase exposure for the ECE graduate program, work to promote and increase research and entrepreneurship opportunities, and collaborate with the graduate student body to address concerns or new ideas within the department.

Members (pictured above):

Justine Lynn Drobitch, Rameez Khimani, Arthur French, Georgios Bakirtzis, Ryan Green

External Advisory Board

The external advisory board consists of members representing the key corporations and industries that are targets for our graduates. The general purpose of the board is to advise our programs on matters related to their mission and growth. It will work with the chair and faculty to examine the department’s chosen goals in support of its mission and provide opinion and direction with respect to proposed actions.


Beth Armbruster, Principal, Mills E. Godwin High School

Mohamed Belkhayat, Ph.D, R&D Engineer, Huntington Ingalls Newport News Shipbuilding

Reuben Burch V, Ph.D, Assistant Professor, Mississippi State University

Henry Dante, Ph.D, Associate Principal Scientist, Altria Client Services

Utkan Demirci, Ph.D, Assoc. Professor , Stanford Medical School

Jeff Dowdell, P.E., Manager, Facility Planning, Dominion Transmission, Inc.

Laura Hebert, Ph.D, Principal, L.C. Bird High School

Georgios Karles, Ph.D, Director of Sensomics, Altria Client Services

Roger King, Ph.D, CAVS Director and Distinguished Professor, Mississippi State University

Michael McCollum, Ph.D, Software Engineer, Google, Inc.

Wendy Ellis, Ph.D, Director, Maggie L. Walker Governor's School

Behnam Moradi, Ph.D, Quality and Reliability Manager, Micron Technology, Inc.

Tamika Murrell, Production Planner, Altria

Steven Ortley, MBA, Sr. Manager, Honeywell

Frank Peri, Deputy Director, Engineering Directorate, NASA Langley Research Center

CJ Reddy, Ph.D, VP Business Development, Altair Engineering

Skylar Roebuck, Director of Product Development, Mobiquity, Inc.

James Brian Starling, Project Manager, System Protection Engineering, Dominion Power

Scott Schein, President, United Equipment Corp

John Volakis, Ph.D, Professor and Director Electro Science Laboratory, Ohio State University

Joseph Yoder, Ph.D, Senior Tech Staff Member, IBM