VCU Engineering Research Showcase

Date: Wednesday, April 10, 2024
Time: 1–3 p.m. 
Location: Engineering Research Building, 401 W. Cary St.

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VCU College of Engineering is an innovation front-runner in academics and research, bringing real-world education to our graduate students and post-docs. The VCU Engineering Research Showcase celebrates their research expertise through poster presentations to engineering colleagues, industry leaders, and academic peers across disciplines.

VCU Engineering enhances regional and global prosperity through cutting-edge developments in healthcare, tissue engineering, drug delivery, bioinformatics, cybersecurity, mechanical systems and particle science. Join us for this showcase of the VCU Engineering graduate community's creative and pioneering spirit.

Due dates and naming your files

Posters and abstracts are due to no later than midnight on Friday, March 15, 2024. Students and post-docs should seek the approval of their faculty advisor for all documents before submitting.

  • All file names must start with <PROGRAM and LAST NAME>
  • Abstracts are named <PROGRAM and LAST NAME>_Abstract
  • Posters are named <PROGRAM and LAST NAME>_Poster

Poster Requirements

  • The size of posters is 48" x 32".
  • Posters must be submitted to in both PPTX (Microsoft PowerPoint) and PDF format. File name MUST be of the format <PROGRAM and LAST NAME>_Poster
    • Example: the file format the poster for BME Smith would read BME Smith_Poster.pptx
  • No poster will be displayed without the approval of the faculty adviser.