The graduate programs in biomedical engineering allow students to participate in cutting-edge research in one of the nations most advanced engineering facilities.

The department has ongoing collaborations with numerous industries, federal labs, the VCU science departments, the university’s MCV Campus, the Hunter Holmes McGuire Veterans Affairs Medical Center, the Virginia BioTechnology Research Park and numerous biomedical and clinical programs throughout the VCU Medical Centers MCV Hospitals.

Master of Science

This program is nominally a two-year program leading to the M.S. in Biomedical Engineering. Each Master of Science student must successfully complete a thesis describing his or her individualized research project. Upon successful completion of the examination and thesis, the student may apply for graduation from VCU with the Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering.

Doctor of Philosophy

This program is designed to prepare students for research careers in academia, government, and industry. Upon completion of all course work and the intended research, a doctoral student must prepare a dissertation describing the completed research. Research can focus on several areas of engineering including, Biomaterials, Cell and Tissue Engineering, Computational Physiology, Haptics, Man-machine interfaces, Mechanobiology of Disease, Neuromuscular and Musculoskeletal Biomechanics, Regenerative Medicine, and Rehabilitation and Human Factors Engineering. Upon successful completion of the defense and dissertation, the doctoral student may apply for graduation from VCU with the Doctor of Philosophy in Biomedical Engineering. All VCU BMR doctoral students are fully funded with competitive stipends.

Biomedical Engineering (B.S.)

Biomedical engineering involves the application and use of engineering principles and expertise to analyze and solve problems related to medicine and health care. Biomedical engineers may be involved with the research, design and deployment of medical devices, implants and systems, as well as new procedures based on engineering analysis.

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