Mechatronics Laboratory

The Mechatronics Laboratory is designed to teach senior mechanical engineering students to build basic analog and digital circuits; develop an understanding for use of analog to digital and digital to analog conversion, actuators (servo and stepper motors) and sensors. Additionally, students learn to program a microcontroller and interface it with various actuator and sensor elements necessary to build a working robot.

Key Equipment

Oscilloscopes, Function Generator & Power Supplies

Mechatronics Lab Oscilloscopes, Function Generator & Power Supplies

Seven Programmable Bebionic Prosthetic Hands

Mechatronics Lab Programming Bebionic Prosthetic Hand

Desktops with LabVIEW Program for Data Acquisition

Mechatronics Lab Computer Lab with LabVIEW Program for Data Acquisition

Key Capabilities

  • Acquire data from external analog signal and convert to digital signal to control mechanical systems
  • Acquire, filter and process human body signals for use in controlling a prosthetic hand
  • Program micro-controller, utilizing high-level language to acquire signal from sensor, process it and send to servo motors to control robotic car
  • Build simple and complex circuits to filter, digitize and convert signals


EGMN 203: Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering Practicum ll

EGMN 416: Mechatronics


Ravi Hadimani, Ph.D.